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Here are a few Aindra prabhu audios I feel compelled to share with all Kirtan lovers or anyone who wants out of this material world in this life time. Right click to download.


Japa with Aindra prabhu  –  Krishna reveals Himself 


Are you serious or what? (S.B 1.1.07) – Real Humility in Kali Yuga – How sweet is the Holy Name?  (Bhajan in the holy Dham) – The true Meaning of compassion


Ekadasi Kirtan 1 (1.1.2010) – Ekadasi Kirtan 2 (1.10.2010) – Solar Eclipse Kirtan 1 (1.27.2010) – Solar Eclipse Kirtan 2 (1.27.2010) – Solar Eclipse Kirtan 3 (1.27.2010)


Vasanta Panchami – Lalita Sakhi’s appearance day – Janmastami katha – Manjari Tattva – Salagram 1 –  Salagram 2  – Radhastami 

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Sriman Aindra prabhu on Japa


Love is a two-way street. It is important to always remember that love is never a forced affair.Love is a matter of mutual attraction. There is a saying that “birds of a feather flock together”, or one might say, “love birds of a feather flock together”. SO, it is not just a matter of our approach to the Holy Name but rather it is a matter of Radha and Krishna being inspired to come to be with us to keep us company.

We can try to chant the Holy Name, but generally our endeavours will manifest as namabhasa. BUt as far as kirtana or sudha nama bhajan is concerned, when Krishna is attracted to the sweetness of our heartfelt feelings towards HIm, or our heart’s attraction toward Him, or our determination to get His attention, then He comes to see us. He comes to keep us company. He takes up residence in our heart, and He dances on our tongue. My experience is that chanting is not a matter of simply endeavouring to articulate some syllables. Actually, such chanting is not eally chanting. Chanting looks like chanting, but actually chanting is Krishna dancing. By His own sweet will, He is making His Divine descent from Goloka =Dhama on our tongues.

The Holy Name is a beautiful, sweetest-of-all-sweetest cowherd boy. He is a cowherd boy, a beautiful blue cowherd boy, handsome and completely captivating to the heart. By the mercy of Hare, Radha, our hearts have become undeniably, intensely enchanted by Him, and He is aware of that, naturally. He won’t leaver us alone. Again and again He pastures on our tongues, by forcing His way into our consciousness, dancing on our tongues. It is then very difficult for us to forget Nama, because again and again Nama is appearing inour hearts and dancing on our tongues.

So I can’t offer any idea concerning the methodology of chanting, how to focus the mind, how to increase attraction to the Holy Name or any such things beyond the simple fact that Krishna has captivated our hearts, and our hearts go to Him, naturally He reciprocates by again and again coming and pasturing on our tongues in various ways. He comes in the form of Nama-Sankirtana, in the form of our nikunja-seva, our nama-bhajan.

– Japa Meditations, Dhanurdhara Swami

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